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Say “Hi!” to Soula

Your revolutionary AI assistant with Top Human Expertise for conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

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Our mission is clear

democratize access to top experts at every stage of motherhood, empowering women with the support they need to thrive, both physically and emotionally. Through personalized resources and evidence-based care, we’re breaking down barriers.


Evidence-based, structured content

Evidence-based, structured content

information and practical tips to navigate pregnancy, birth, and baby care, all while supporting mental health

Personalized AI-based chatbot

AI-based chatbot

supported by the world's most powerful GPT3 technology and expertly crafted with the combined doula experience of 30,000+ moms

Pregnancy planner & tracker

planner & tracker

thoughtfully designed mental health-oriented pregnancy planner and weekly pregnancy tracker

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a mother
is full of

1 / 5

first-time mothers can`t conceive after a year of trying

1 / 3

of pregnant women feel overwhelmed by the pregnancy info overload


of pregnant women & young mothers experience loneliness


mothers are diagnosed with postpartum depression or anxiety

But the reality is that…

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    Specialists are not available 24/7 and access is often limited by geographic location

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    Care is prone to human error and unforeseen circumstances

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    Prenatal visits are typically limited to 3-7 sessions during 3rd and 4th trimesters in addition to labor support

We believe in a solution, because every mother deserves access to the knowledge, support, care, and practical experience she needs for her pregnancy to be joyful and smooth, all while preparing for childbirth and beyond. This is what doulas are for.
Who can help me?!
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Soula initiates conversations, remembers past interactions, and communicates with empathy, offering easy-to-understand, evidence-based sound advice and warm encouragement. Soula – more than an app, it's a compassionate care solution for your motherhood journey.


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    + $350k Grant

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    Microsoft for Startups

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    Best female led Startup

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    TOP 20 Women in Tech in Cyprus

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The Expertise

Doulas who are already working with Soula:
  • Erika Watson-Lawson

    Erika Watson-Lawson

    Masters of Science & Health, Certified doula of labor
    Is a Doula-Dietitian Diva. She has been a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist for over 15 years and a certified doula for over a year. Her passions include helping mothers feel part of a larger community of support and educating women and their families to gain communication skills that will allow them to advocate and communicate effectively with care providers.


    Natallia Miranchuk

    Natallia Miranchuk

    CEO | Co-Founder
    Andrei Kulik

    Andrei Kulik

    CTO | Co-Founder

    Mentors and Investors

    Natalia Vodianova


    Mentor, Investor
    Natalia is a supermodel, impact investor, the founder of the Naked Heart Foundation and a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNFPA. She has been on over 70 Vogue covers. Natalia has invested in 25 tech startups, including five unicorns, and co-founded She prioritizes investing in founders and is committed to creating a sustainable future. Natalia is a mother of 5 children.
    Katsia Domankova


    Mentor, Investor
    Katsia is an investor with expertise in pregnancy care. She has a rich background in the health, beauty, and maternity industry, having founded and led a media company dedicated to these topics. As a mother of three, she has first-hand experience in parenting and the challenges that come with it. Additionally, Katsia is actively involved in collaborating with UNICEF to improve maternal and child health. Her knowledge, experience, and commitment make her a valuable asset to any pregnancy care startup she invests in. Katsia is a mother of 4 children.
    Silvia Pareti


    Silvia is a Senior Language Engineer and Data Specialist with over 9 years experience in the tech industry, shaping cutting-edge conversational technologies. She has a track record of turning Data and Evaluation challenges into opportunities to boost Natural Language Processing and Conversational AI products. Silvia holds a PhD in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh, has launched Google Assistant for Italian and she is passionate about supporting DEI in the workplace.
    Alex Severyn



    Aliaksei is a highly regarded expert in natural language generation, boasting over 50 publications in top-tier NLP and ML conferences with 5000+ citations. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Trento. Currently, Aliaksei leads an applied research team at Google that develops cutting-edge language generation models. His work has a significant impact on Google Assistant and Search.

    Andrey Mikhaylyuk



    With over 17 years of experience in Product Management, Andrey is a seasoned Product Executive who has consistently delivered data-driven product changes that rapidly scale product revenue.

    His recent success includes making Flo Health a top-grossing app by creating and scaling an outstanding Premium product that has attracted and retatined over 2 000 000 active paying subscribers.