Dear Experts,

We’re happy you expressed interest in the SOULA APP – an application to support moms during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Our main goal is to create a service that will give expectant moms the support they possibly need to make their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period go smoothly. We also aim to bring awareness to the importance of the doula profession. Therefore, one of the goals of SOULA is to bring together doulas from around the world and allow them to share their invaluable knowledge and experience.

We are currently working on creating a community of doulas who will author the content we provide to our users. There are many ways we can collaborate, so please contact us below to discuss all the options.

This partnership will give you:

Access to potential doula clients

Participation in international professional events

All tools for working with a client in one place

The chance to build your professional resume as an expert contributor to our app

A more mother-friendly world that you’ll have a hand in building

Revenue from the content you provide

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