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As a leader in newborn photography

for over 10 years, I’ve watched thousands of families make the journey into parenthood, seeing firsthand their hope, pain, fears, doubts, and uncertainties, but most importantly, their love for their new babies and their need for support.

As a mom of two

As a mom of two

I have walked the road to becoming a mother. I know what it’s like not to recognize my body and what’s happening to it. I know the struggle of trying to find the truth in a sea of information, and not knowing what or whom to trust.

As a woman

As a woman

I know what it’s like to make the journey into parenthood alone, with no money or work. What it’s like when your partner greets you with a newborn baby and tells you he’s leaving for another woman. I know the hopelessness and fear.


I also know how the right support can turn it all around

When I found my doula, I found a bedrock of support and love. I discovered my inner power to cope and recover, and now I want to share this confidence, empowerment, and care with others.


A doula can help you unlock the power within

And help you believe that you can manage. A woman’s emotional state affects every step she takes and every day she goes through. A doula is a trained professional who walks beside her, offering support in the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. A doula helps a woman to uncover the secret of being confident, joyful, and happy with a smooth transition into parenthood.


As the founder of many social projects,

I know how to get the right people together so that they can do the best work possible to create a project that women need. In founding Soula, I want to make it possible for women all over the world to get the support they need, when they need it. The support of a doula shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be the norm.

Always available, always at hand, and always responsive, Soula is a woman’s trusted best friend during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.


Because I am a woman.
And I have a story.
Every woman does.

What’s yours?

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