Natalia Miranchuk,
CEO & Founder of Soula

I have been leading projects in maternity and parenthood care for over 15 years:

  • Maternity Health and wellness non-profit sector (USAID, UNFPA, WHO, and UNICEF for Belarus). Over 350k women were reached in the education and support projects for pregnancy in Belarus
  • Newborn photography (3500+ newborn babies, 10+ exhibitions, 850+ students all over the world)

I am a solo mom of two beautiful boys, both of whom I gave birth to at home. I have personal experience of great support in pregnancy and postpartum that doula and midwife can give.

I am a doula (*a certified birth professional and trained companion who supports women through pregnancy, childbirth & postpartum care) and a professional coach myself.

I know exactly what type of tools and support women need at any stage of motherhood. From my own experience, I know that professional support makes a difference. I’ve created Soula to make this support available to as many women as possible.

Through Soula I want to tell all the women of the world:
“Bloom into the mom you are”

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