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Privacy Statement

We strongly believe that the very personal decision to end a pregnancy should be made in the context of legal, regulated healthcare, without shame or fear of prosecution. We address the Supreme Court’s decision Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization properly and in favor of our users. It is important to understand that European law protects our community’s sensitive health data.

As a European company, MAMATECH LTD is obligated under the world’s strictest data privacy law, the European GDPR, to apply special protections to such health data. We understand that it can nevertheless be challenging to assess how apps use data, so we make several commitments to give our community peace of mind.

  • Our users’ health data, particularly any data they track in the App about pregnancies, pregnancy loss or abortion, is kept private and safe.

  • Our business model is direct to consumer subscriptions — our users are our customers, nobody else is. We do not sell your personal data and we do not use it in any ways to profit from it.

  • We employ some carefully selected service providers to process data on our behalf. For these purposes, we share as little data as possible in the safest way possible.

  • Our data privacy team works tirelessly in order to meet our commitment to protect our users’ data. From data encryption and auditing software tools for European privacy compliance, to the robust de-identification of datasets for our scientific research partnerships–we always bear our users’ interests in mind.

  • We recognize that data privacy in a digital world is complex and constantly strive to do better, spending significant time and resources to improve. Our Privacy Policy is written in plain language and regularly updated to reflect those efforts. It is the best resource to understand how we handle data privacy and data security in detail.

European data privacy law protects US-based users. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. If we hold your data, our obligation under European law to protect your privately tracked data is the same. No US Court or other authority can override that since we are not based in the US.

There’s almost no legal way how US authorities can subpoena someone’s data from the App.

We have a primary legal duty under European law not to disclose any private health data to third parties. The only way US authorities can try to receive this information is to request it through the corresponding Ministry of Justice under a mutual legal assistance treaty between the USA and the EU for the purposes of the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offenses. Despite this, EU competent authorities, receiving a request, can refuse to transfer your personal data to them if such transfer can cause you harm. We believe that any disclosure of your information in this relation generates risks for you so that your personal data will not be transferred under the US request.

To further clarify:

European data privacy law is the strictest in the world. It gives people fundamental rights when it comes to their sensitive health data, and it imposes obligations on anyone in Europe who holds such data – no matter whether they are a healthcare provider or a health technology company.

We are, and always have been, committed to protecting your private health data. Your tracked experience should empower you, whatever your private health decisions. We will never enable anyone to use it against you.